What does the coupon space do?

It showcases an activity happening within your company this could be a SALE, or a DISCOUNT, a GIVEAWAY, a PRICE MARKDOWN or an OPPORTUNITY to highlight marketing information you have within your company.

Benefits to Client

  • Your information remains online and allow for organic interaction
  • Be able to log into your account to see performance of your coupon spot (transparency).
  • Have a digital Media Footprint to track interactions of all posts etc. Views vs Clicks.
  • Specific post giving full details of your Promotion that can be accessed by all our website visitors which doesn’t necessarily include persons already in our database 
  • Guaranteed minimum 100 actions per month (meaning persons clicking to find out about coupon offering)
  • Be included in the only Jamaican online website to host all Coupons Island wide

Total Reach of our current database is approximately 25,000

Social Media
Web Hits

Costing of Coupon

  • $5,000 per coupon per monthly feature on TikkyBox Website

For the First 3 Months you are Included in;

  • Posts on Facebook pages – approximately 16,000 followers
  • Emails to approximately 8,000 emails
  • Posts on Instagram – 1,800 followers